Shameless adults doing it in public

A nation gone to the dogs

Mother from hell probe launched after filmed brutally punching and slapping baby

Stressed mum appears to lash out at bawling tot because tot wouldn’t stop crying. By Patrick Knox The shocking video shows the brute slapping and punching the defenceless child in the head. The mum was reportedly filmed by an unnamed eight-year-old girl. The attack was carried out to “teach the baby a lesson” when it would not stop crying. The footage shows the mother,...

Video :Phillip Chiyangwa’s once pregnant ex girlfriend Jacqueline Ngarande spreading HIV knowingly as she also spreads lies.

Liar and so called socialite Jacqueline Ngarande who also uses the ghost account Nokuhle  Motseope on Facebook and Instagram was pregnant in 2014 ,carrying Chiyangwa's child but no one ever got to see her child .This raised speculation that she aborted Chiyangwa's pregnancy. Chiyangwa would spend thousands of dollars on his girlfriends who included Jacqueline Ngarande , Danisa Natasha Moyana, Mati...

Karoi family seen fighting naked early morning

A family of mother and her daughter , son in law called Lucky Kwarara and children were seen naked fighting outside a house in Karoi in the wee hours on Sunday. Sisi Vee investigating have gathered that it could have been a case of black magic or juju whereby the son in law who works at the car centre below...

Video: Breastfeeding a puppy

Breastfeeding a puppy

Video and images : Tanzania woman zombie story

WATCH THE VIDEO Version 1 Veduwee mainzwawo yemurume akaisa sister vake vaanoteedzana naye museptic tank . Zvainzi sister vake vakafa last 4years achibva angoita mari from nowhere. Zvazobuda pachena maid wemurume uyu aishamisika everyday murume uyu aidongorera museptic tank makuseni seni . Nezuro boss vabva pamba musikana webasa akanodongorera kuona sister wemukomana varimo ndokuridza mhere . Mapurisa kwakuzomuburitsa parizvino mupenyu asi...

Thailand people eating black people

Thailand people eating black people