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Kudakwashe Terrence Kaswa fine after car hijack

Police found his passport in his car. His car was used as a get away car by robbers who had stolen some goods elsewhere.Along the way as they escaped they hijacked Kudakwashe's car and later abandoned it.They are believed to have probably hijacked another car along the way as they disappeared. Speaking to sisi Vee a source who knows Kudakwashe said...

Video : Dangerous countries as woman is tortured in Brazil

Thank you so much reader Chokwadi.Greatly appreciated .Got the story. 17 March 2017 Many people shared this video on Facebook, claiming that the footage showed a group of “Asian” or “Indian” men torturing an African woman. In reality, the incident took place in Brazil. In the past week, thousands of people have reacted with emotion to a video showing a young black...

Video – Target reached for Esther Mhuri appeal for breast cancer op : US$4 350

  She has sent an invoice for US$6 360 and we agreed to appeal for US$7 000.00 -She has raised US$2500 as of now. - I was sent her US$150 by a good samaritan in UK which I will Western union to her on Friday. So the balance she needs is now US$4 350. 1. Ecocash : Esther Mhuri 077 392 4686 Or 2. Steward Bank...

Video : Fake zanupf critic Evan Mawarire in another dubious arrest

The Zimbabwean part -time pastor is said to have been arrested at the airport after arriving in Zimbabwe from the US .Some Zimbabweans feel Mawarire used them to enhance his profile after which he left for the US in July 2016.This was after a short stint opposing zanupf .Some feel this was a calculated move bend on pursuing his...

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Video:PHD ministries prophet Walter Magaya villa

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Zimbabwean man Tonde stabbed at Jozi Shebeen in alleged fight over hooker

  A Zimbabwean was stabbed at a shebeen in Joburg Germiston in Delville.The fracas happened at  Khumalo's shebeen . "Its a spot iri busy especially weekends with all races downing beer. Ine ma hookers as well" Said a source. "The man is called Tonde .Eyewitnesses say it was an issue yemukadzi or lady vanonwirawo ipapo. So its said vanetsana the other guy had...

Videos :Supermarkets and service stations refusing bond notes as Sisi Vee contacts Mangundya

Musvozimbabwe has been made to understand that the official introduction of the Reserve bank bond notes today is a farce.Supermarkets are reportedly refusing to accept the tender. OK supermarket said to be refusing bond notes Manager said not yet authorised to accept bonds despite the notes' official invasion today. 👇👇🙄🙄 Gr2 B08: Ndarambirwa bond ma OK ryt now. Gr2 B08: Ok Houghton...

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