They call this disgusting behaviour a money making spree ‘art’ 

They are exploiting children in the name of money making drama whereby they draw crowds to buy their cds  through such acts as in videos. 1. Sisi Vee: this above video is not a real fracas between the two parents but a drama which they showcase around Zimbabwe.I personally witnessed it in mutare after all that acting they will draw...

CCTV : Zimbabwean man robbed R20 000 in broad shop light

So came the message to sisi Vee "Sis Vee how are you? Am trying to upload a CCTV footage of my eldest brother  being robbed at gunpoint in a shop at a service station in SA Lewis yesterday evening. He was enroute to Zimbabwe". The man who looks shaken doesn't seem to believe what is going on as a shopkeeper watches the...

Video : How zanupf thugs do worse than this

C91 : Hi sisi Vee C91 : I thought that video could remind everyone how the white man treated our uncles and aunties that worked for them C91 : I hope you have a merry Christmas Sisi Vee: Hello hanzvadzi muri sei .Thank you for sharing .This is actually better than what the zanupf thugs and police do....

Video : Bonyora man seems not to be doing alright

...and instead of getting help he gets lashes

Video : Said to be Mpho whose vagina was stuffed with chilli by Zimbabwean women

Mpho is said to have been accused of doing musvo with a Zimbabwean man...probably married. ‪+27 ‬: Sisi Vee. South African lady accused to be doing musvo with a Zimbabwean man ‪+27 ‬: These Zimbabweans have been arrested after this assault ‪+27: She works in shoprite Bela Bela ‪+27 ‬: The victim's name is Mpho from Petersburg It is being...

Video : Boer at it

A Boer in South Africa is at it again VIDEO      

Video : The fight for huku

Video : The fight for huku and the man is busy shooting a video

Video :Trying to abort from outside

She's desperate to get rid of the pregnancy

Video : Zanu pf thugs aka soldiers at it

Beating up makorokoza THE VIDEO

Video :Said to be Evan Mawarire or lookalike in night club

Who is this man ? Seems to be in a night club.One of the many people who believe this is pastor Evan Mawarire said, " so is this what standing up for us means" THE VIDEO