Video :Zanu Republic Police

" I really feel for Zimbabweans living under such thuggish conditions.Shame.My time in Zimbabwe is going to be hectic for sure.Ndaakutoita stress by just the thought of swimming in the sewage. Here when you see a police officer you run after them knowing very well that they will protect you.Uone respect yeunopuhwa.Kwedu uhhh makudo ezanu chaiwo .Behave professionally even...

Video : The wheelchair fight

Human beings are something else. VIDEO

Video : As woman is having it

This world VIDEO

Video : The musvo bed

Zvakaoma VIDEO

Video : Man at work

Marketing VIDEO

Video : Walking musvo at airport

Whatever happened VIDEO

Video :The truth hero

😂 What a masterpiece : My father's brother from another mother 💃💃.Really my match not zvenyu zvekuswera kunyeperana kuti afa anaka yet you know the truth but you spread lies.Kunakei kwemuroyi  nethug . Kekekekekeke seka hako wasu. I really feel relieved .I thought I was the only one mhoti who believes in such truth and nothing else. We are...

Video : The Zimbabwean fool in America

A fool and his words. Said Sisi Vee " Oh my God sewage academic.shame ...He doesn't even know what racism is ..and he is saying that from USA?  and loves Mugabe for destroying Zimbabwe and apparently he ran away from someone he loves? Is this why Africans eg Zimbabweans claim to be so learned but are really so ignorant ...learned...

Video : The Zimbabwe snake church

When people are brainwashed by religion. VIDEO

Video :The drunkard in force uniform

As one of them is drunk in uniform VIDEO