Video : Alistar involved in car accident

Talking to sisi Vee a source who went to school with him said , "Hi again sisi...its tru nyaya ya alistair...i'm from Gweru and me and him went to high school together at Guinea Fowl high...he stayed in riverside suburb in Gweru and he was a car salesman in town."

RIP run over

Said to be a man who was run over  at the 55km peg along Harare Bindura highway Glendale. Speaking to sisi Vee a source said, "I stay here in Glendale and madzibaba avo in white T shirt is Jonga who is the Zanu PF youth leader we district assisting Glendale Police"

Zimbabwe prophets Walter Magaya and Tapiwa Freddy claim to have healed same Kwekwe man Anesu.

Two Zimbabwe prophets Walter Magaya and Tapiwa Freddy are claiming to have healed same Kwekwe man Anesu. In a video Freddy Tapiwa is seen healing or rather praying for Anesu and his children .Anesu then hits the dance floor with the tumor still on his head. Bragging on their facebook pages the two men of God said "This man came to Goodness...

The Zimbabwean psycho’s comment on musvozimbabwe news site

The comments system as set by musvozimbabwe failed to approve the comment because of the restricted word in yellow.The thing wants to see if its comment was to be  published because its cursing musvozimbabwe.Of course why not .We see psychos everyday .If the comment didn't have the restricted word it was going to be published automatically and we were...

Video: The prostitute Lizzie funeral

"Hanzi ainzi Lizie hure rakafa so hama dzange dzisina mari yekumuviga mamwe mahure akati haisi nyaya toita zvese tomuviga but nenzira yedu so vakaenda nechitunha kubhawa vachifuridza macondom nekutamba jive dzechihure" Said a source VIDEO

Man who developed breasts seeking help

Usually this is a bad reaction to ARV's  

Bulawayo Nandos collapses critically injuring some people

Information that got to musvozimbabwe says, Some builders were renovating the roof after which the bricks which cover the planks on the roof fell off after which the verandah and well crumbled , and critically injured some people who were walking by .Some parked cars were also damaged.  

Patrick Bangani of Southlea Park burns self over domestic dispute

    He is said to have driven his car into their house having poured petrol on himself and setting his body alight. He burnt to his death.No one else seems to have been hurt

Aussie based Spiwe Tsingo terrorising Zimbabwean woman pretending to be her ex husband Fisher Tendai Ruwiza

Aussie based Spiwe Tsingo terrorising Zimbabwesn woman while pretending to be her ex husband Fisher Tendai Ruwiza who is now her husband Zim: Mrng sis vee Zim: Mukadzi uye atanga wandaitaura nezvake ari kuAustralia.He tuk my husband apa anoita bata rekunditsvaga hamheno kuti anenge achiwawarireyi kunditextira pretending to b my x husband. Zim: Here r the texts Zim: Her...

Christmas Pass hotel employee Ngoni Hera mauled by lion

A Christmas Pass Hotel front office manageress Ngoni Hera had her buttock mauled by a lion as she enjoyed an outing with boyfriend Sakarombe. "He is Sakarombe .The man has a driving school in Rusape and had gone for an outing with a girlfriend.A fenced lion is said to have dipped its teeth into the girlfriend's buttock. Sakarombe uses the...