Cheating Stars

Cheating Stars

Video : Profake found in bush praying for naked woman

The man was interrupted before accomplishing his unholy mission. "Zvimachurch zvedu izvi .Chimuprophet caught praying for naked woman.Next time kwapurai zvese akadzi acho nezvimaprophets zvacho .Zvimapenzi zveanhu.Kutambisa zita raMwari.ZvimaMan of Dog chaizvo" Said sisi Vee VIDEO  

Video : Samantha Nzira cheating husband with boss

  " Samantha Nzira's husband works for Nyaradzo group" said a source. VIDEO 1 VIDEO 2

Godwin Sungai and girlfriend Covay Tizira found dead in Masvingo

Sunday, 26 March 2017 A 44 year old security guard who was working for Guard Alert and his suspected girlfriend, all from Zaka in Masvingo, were found dead with their bodies lying on the floor in an advanced state of decomposition, police have confirmed. The two bodies of Godwin Sungai and Covay Tizira both of Ringisai Village under Chief Bota were...

Dewa Mavhinga and Mackenzie Ndebele terrorising anyone who dares investigate Dewa’s alleged affair with Sarah Rufaro Dhapi

Dewa Mavhinga is now threatening to sue musvozimbabwe over the message we shared accusing him of cheating his wife with Sarah Rufaro Dhapi.However ,but both him and the alleged small house ignored requests to get in touch as indicated below .Just get in touch to discuss the story .Why rush to a lawyer instead of rushing to hear the...

Desmond Chideme aka Stunner in car crash

"Desmond Chideme aka Stunner hospitalised after car crash yesterday having perfomed at the Volt " sent to musvozim. "Dai angofa pamwe Olinda angazorora emotional torture " said Sisi Vee. Meanwhile many interesting discussions are ongoing ------------ Chy: Ini sis vee olinda akandisvota from day one she dug a grave and she has buried herself in it Chy: Anotopenga uya l don't waste...

Married Desmond Chideme aka Stunner had girlfriend Deyonne abort

  The singer's wife Olinda Chapel Chideme was at it again today exposing the whatsapp chats between her husband and his girlfriend Deyonne Tafirenyika. After finally getting back the cell phone which Olinda bought her husband who had given it to his girlfriend, more revelations came out. The married singer did not even use a condom after which he impregnated the girlfriend.Desmond...

Married Dewa Mavhinga accused of cheating wife with Sarah Rufaro Dhapi

Dewa Mavhinga is being accused of cheating his wife with a Sarah Rufaro Dhapi who use Rufaro Dee on facebook.At the time of publishing the story Dewa and Sarah had not yet responded to an inbox from Musvo Nhau on facebook. Married Dewa Mavhinga accused of cheating wife with Sarah Rufaro Dhapi. "Dewa Mavhinga is Senior Researcher for Zimbabwe...

Video : Beware of CBZ employee Natasha Guzha

She is said to be a serial husband snatcher

Video : Norbert Chikerema who killed cheating wife Gillian Zvomuya aka Nyasha Kahari

The dancing man is  said to be Norbert Chikerema .The UK based Zimbabwean who killed his cheating with Gillian Zvomuya aka Nyasha Kahari .That other man is said to be the Zivanayi Maredzera who was cheating with Norbert's wife.The women opposite should be Norbert's wife and probably Zivanayi's wife. "Mazihure aya emuUK ekutuka sisi Vee aripi.Kekekekeke seka hako wasu .Kusatonyara...

Video : Married man caught red handed cheating with man

The one in floral looks familiar