Musvo Stars

Musvo Stars

Musvorologist Precious Mubata said to be OK Bindura employee

  "Anoshanda Bindura OK ari pama fruit n vegetables. Unfortunately some pics akashama a deletika by mistake.She's Precious Mubata or mai Keisha. That's her number you can ask her about nude pics ake atenderera Bindura yese" Said a source. " Ihure kani mukadzi uyu ...that scar riri kumeso ndere kurohwa ne first husband . Now akungohuririka Bindura yese. She's now a worker at OK...

Video : Bathing

Whoever was shooting the video

Video musvorologist Maureen Makusha aka Maury Banks at it again :Reloaded from 22/11/16

It never stops at team Tazvi Mhaka.The mentally deranged musvorologist seems to be leaving no private part unturned as she continues to treat her body like a sewage.Video was published on 22 November 2016 .Has been republished after some readers asked.

Video :musvo Tinopona Katsande

Tinopona Katsande  

Videos musvo Stunner and Pokello

Pokello Nare and Stunner

Sugar mummy hunter Tinotenda Dzawara of Dziva digital porn empire

This is musvorologist Tinotenda Dzawara of Dziva Empire Digital Distribution Zimbabwe.He claims to be into a marketing dream for digital music yet he is into digital pornography. He is desperate for a sugar mummy and sends some musvos in action saying thats  what he will do to the sugar mummies if they financially support him. He is said to be a...

Musvorologist Everess Murera looking for blessers

Musvorologist Everess Murera is making a living by looking for blessers on social media to financially support her and she blesses them with her musvos.One Jacob whose name shes calling in the musvo video promised her heaven on earth. "As you can hear I asked her to say my name in the video  " Said Jacob Due to the economic breakdown...

Video : Musvo said to be Zimbabwean women in Maputo

Video : Said to be Zimbabwean women in Maputo. THE VIDEO

Video : As they are caught by police in the act

Public indecency .Caught by police doing musvo in Erica park Capetown in broad daylight.