Musvo Stars

Musvo Stars

Video : Musvo in supermarket

Shame.So frustrating this devil and his disciples. VIDEO  

Video : Eating musvo in public

Eating musvo in public and these are adults behaving like this while other adults are busy laughing and taking video..Shame .This world  is just under satan's control. VIDEO

Said to be Musvorologist sister in Christ Blessy Madziva

Video upcoming : Musvorologist Blessy Madziva.She is a sister at UFIC church in the day and a musvorologist at night.She should be a physiotherapist at St Giles rehabilitation as well.She frequents Makandiwa church .

Video : Kushaina ngezvisina basa

"What an idiot kushaina ngemboro mumusoro idemhe .Dai mboro dzacho dzichifunga anhu atema dai tichitambura ere .Isadza ere .Acho mangezi emunoti  ane doko they are developing their countries and you work for them nemazimboro enyu acho" Said sisi Vee VIDEO

Musvorologists : Whoever they are

From our files

Musvorologist : Rwanda Presidential Hopeful, 35 year old Diane Rwigara’s  musvos nudes Leak

  "The nude activist Diane will actually deliver sexual immorality and all other societal ills associated with it to the people of Rwanda .Well done musvorologist Diane the Rwanda nude naked president Kekekekekekeke seka hako wasu .Munotigura mbabvu ngekuseka isusu maanti nude advocates .What a sewage and idiot for a woman president.If anyone has my nudes like Diane's can you...

Video : The slut in Scotland

These are sluts some black women wannabe and some black men are proudly calling wives.

Video musvo :

The sexual immorality ravaging the nation as ignorants believe that everything that a white person does is right. VIDEO    

Musvo video : The 21 year old Rumbi

This was in March 2017 in case you missed it in musvozimbabwe whatsapp group.The 21 year old is said to be surviving on sending her boyfriends her musvos after which she is dumped. VIDEO    

Musvorologist Ruramai Mutyambizi

...from Chiweshe.